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Bobsleigh track & Monkey Park

Bobsleigh track

The summer bobsleigh track in Špindlerův Mlýn offers the chance to spend one’s leisure time in an active way for both tourists and sport-loving individuals regardless of age. It is situated in the district of Bedřichov in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Harmony, approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the centre. A car park for cars and buses located 100 metres from the bobsleigh track is also available.

Custom made carts with brakes enable everyone to select the optimum speed and style of ride. A ride to the start of the summer bobsleigh track is followed by the pleasant and safe experience of riding along a smooth run. The carts are designed for one or two persons. Riding on the 1,400 metre long track featuring 22 bends, 3 tunnels and 5 abrupt level changes is easy and safe as you control the speed of the cart yourself using an efficient brake.


A 432 metre long rope centre with 32 obstacles called “MONKEYPARK” is situated directly below the starting area for the Špindlerův Mlýn bobsleigh track.

The “MONKEYPARK” is intended to be suitable for the general public including children with a minimum height of 140 cm. It’s been designed and conceived in such a way that even an absolutely untrained tourist or child of the minimum height can complete it in in the shortest of its three routes. So, in addition to having a ride on the bobsleigh track, visitors to Špindlerův Mlýn will also be able to devote their time to another activity in the same location.

The beauty of the “MONKEYPARK” lies in conquering obstacles, one by one, suspended on ropes between trees at a height of 3-7 metres. At the same time, special “bases” are attached to trees between individual obstacles on which visitors can have a rest after overcoming one obstacle before moving on to another one.