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With a total area of 26 ha, the Labská dam is one of the largest and certainly most beautiful still water trout fisheries in the Czech Republic. Considering its location at the very heart of the Krkonoše National Park protected area, with clear and cold water from the Elbe all year long, the Labská dam is a natural environment for the life of native salmonid fish. A combination of splendid surrounding landscape, the natural occurrence of brown trout and grayling as well as frequent restocking of rainbow trout and brook trout of market and trophy sizes makes angling at the Labská dam a very exclusive experience. Try angling from a belly boat at a tributary when the sun is rising above the mountains and small rings made by fish collecting insects appear on the still water surface around you, and you will never forget such a morning.

Fishing permits are issued by Mr. Milan Pavlík, phone: +420 603 900 792. Collect in person in the gamekeeper’s lodge at Labská č.p. 30 (the crossroads above Hotel Clarion, in the direction of Rovinka).
Price: CZK 400/day – no fishing licence is necessary.