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Miller’s circular routes (Mlynářovy okruhy)

Miller’s circular routes are 3 undemanding walking routes across the town of Špindlerův Mlýn. They lead off main transport roads, through rest areas across the landscape. The start of all the routes is in the town park on the right bank of the Elbe River, opposite Hotel Savoy.

Miller’s educational trail (Mlynářova naučná stezka)

4cs_6Length of the circular route: 1.1 km, marked in green
The circular route is intended for families with children. Considering the terrain and ascent up Vyhlídka na Skále, it is not suitable for prams and not accessible in the winter period. From the starting point we head for Restaurant Labužník, then we cross the road through a roofed footbridge behind Labužník. Almost on the opposite side, we ascend a path up Vyhlídka na Skále past a rest area and the so-called Sluneční kameny (Sun Stones) up to Alexandrie tenement house. From here we go down a road to a fork at Hotel Windsdor. The road will guide us to the centre of the square to a white arch bridge across the Elbe River, which is part of the pedestrian zone, until we reach the starting point of the route after walking through the town park.

Miller’s lap (Mlynářovo kolečko)

4cs_7Length of the circular route: 2.8 km, marked in red

The circular route is intended for families with children. The route can be completed even in the winter period and it is also suitable for buggies.

From the park we head for the white arch bridge across the Elbe River, which is part of the pedestrian zone. We cross it and continue alongside Hotel Lomnice, to the bridge across the Svatopeterský brook on the right side. We cross it, past Česká hospoda we turn to the left until we reach the grounds of the Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Area. We can get a glimpse of part of some water works, on the right side in the wood, that powered a water power plant, today’s Česká hospoda. In front of the ski area we turn left up a short gentle slope across a road and on the opposite side we take a path through the wood to Villa Czernin. It was built by count Czernin in 1894 as a hunting lodge. In the period of 2000–2004 it was converted based on the original design into a luxurious guesthouse. Villa Czernin is the oldest historic sight in Špindlerův Mlýn, extolled by architects and art lovers, it is extraordinary with its breathtaking location and rightfully called a “pearl” of Špindlerův Mlýn. We continue to a fork where while ascending rather abruptly we go past one of the buildings of the Primary School in Špindlerův Mlýn on the right. Going even higher past a small chapel, we see the second building on the right-hand side. We find ourselves directly at the top, where there is a round wooden roofed structure – Biskupská vyhlídka – in front of us. The lookout tower is a pleasant rest area with views of the peaks surrounding Špindlerův Mlýn. To the right downhill along a road and turning left, we go past Hotel Palace, the premises of which were used in the famous Czech film, Homolka a Tobolka (Homolka and Pocketbook). St. Peters Church, one of the dominant features of the town, is next to the hotel. It is a large masonry church which was consecrated in 1807 and it has been preserved to this day without major modifications. We continue from the church to the right, reaching a crossroads, we go down towards Hotel Windsdor, we descend further to the right and head for the square. We go past the Špindlerovská pub. The mill of miller Špindler, whose name is associated with the name of our town – see the short text on the wooden board next to the mill wheel – stood approximately at this place.

Miller’s hike (Mlynářův výšlap)

4cs_8Length of the circular route 2.8 km, follow the blue markers

The circular route is intended for families with children; it is also suitable for buggies. The route is not suitable in the winter period – it crosses a piste.

From the starting point of the route we set off towards Restaurant Labužník, leaving behind the roofed footbridge on the right side. The asphalt road along which we will set out serves for both hikers and cycling tourists, for families with prams, and it is also used by inline skaters. So, we have to allow for a lot of traffic in the high season. There is a large Yellowpoint agency adrenaline park and a children’s wooden castle beyond the bend. We continue on the asphalt road until we get to the lower station of the Medvědín chairlift. We go past it and keep an eye on the left side where there is a path to the left, onto which we now turn. We pass under chairlift poles across downhill courses through a wood. Before ascending on to a road we spot the Bobsleigh track and Monkey park on the right. On the right downhill we go past Hotel Montana. We watch the left side, where we’ll go off the road onto a pleasant forest path and go down to a crossroads to a roofed footbridge across the Elbe River. We turn to the right until we get back to the starting point of the route.